Thursday, December 15, 2005

What is in a name (or domain name)?

Well I have finally entered the blog world. I have been needing to do this for a while. As I was setting up my blog I didn't realize the preparation that is required. Questions that I needed answers for. Answers that will define me. Answers to questions like what should I name my blog. More importantly, what name should I use in the web address. How could I name my web address in a way that is both memorable and defining? After trying about 20 names and receiving the "that name is not available," I landed on "". What do you think?

I spent most of my life in a box that defined me. I thought that "out of the box thinking" was a new idea. Recently, I realized that even my new ideas where shaped by my box. I also realized that my desire to plant a church that reaches the unchurched would attempt to reach people who don't really fit into my box. So I need to get "out of my box," right? I used to think that this meant "out of the box thinking." Now I'm not so sure. I not sure that we can truly think outside of our world of experiences and influencers. So I guess the next best thing to "out of the box thinking" is thinking that comes from a new box. If we want to continulaly grow I think that we will need to continue to find new boxes. For what it is worth . . .