Friday, February 03, 2006

Bigger Boxes & New Wineskins

I met with my director Mark B. last week in preparation for my upcoming trip to France (Feb 8-23). As we were talking about 'out of the box thinking' I shared how I've begun to think that we can't truly think outside of our box (or experiences). He talked about how we need to make our boxes bigger. Revelation time?! I have never thought of it quite that way. We still need new experiences but we ultimately add those experiences to our repertoire of ideas on how we view the world. So. . . how about this? We must continually, intentionally, stretch ourselves to experience new things which add to our old box thus creating a new bigger one.

Jesus said that you can't pour new wine into old wineskins becasue they will burst (Matt 9:17). When new wine or grape juice is poured into wineskins the fermentation process causes the wine to expand and stretch the skins. If you put the expanding wine into old, already stretched skins they will burst becuase they can't stretch any more. So how does the idea bigger boxes fit with this passage. What does the passage say about our abilty to renew how we interact with the world? Who is the wineskin, us or those we are trying to reach? I don't really know the answers but it gives me pause to think.