Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lifestyle or Product Loyalty

While watching the finale of American Idol tonight (the first time I have watched the show since the last finale), I noticed something in a coca cola commercial. It was the motto "The Coke side of Life." I immediately thought that they were trying to market their product as a generarional lifestyle like Pepsi did a decade ago using the "Pepsi Generation" marketing campaign. Then I rememberd reading a blog post by Mark Batterson earlire today and had a profound thought (it happens sometimes). He was talking about an interview he read with Howard Schultz, Starbucks chief global strategist. In the interview Shultz says, "It's a very important distinction that people use our stores all over the world as an extension of their daily lives, and sometimes the coffee is subordinate to that."

Wow! Isn't it amazing that the business world is reacting to the personal needs and hunger of a generation of people while the church (for the most part) continues to expect "brand loyalty." Businesses have focused on selling a lifestyle rather than a product while the church tends to focus on a church tradition (product). People want to be part of something larger than themsleves that can bring them a better life. Jesus talked about life change; about new life; about hope for a better tomorrow.

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