Thursday, June 29, 2006

Big Mo-balls

As we look to plant a church in Paris, I believe one of the most important things that we must do is "be creative." I have spent a great deal of time thinkg about this. In order to develop an atmosphere of creativity, I have thought a lot about what we don't have (like more resources: human and financial). It is easy to think about the big churches and all of their assets that make creativity easy. But, while reading The Creative Leader, by Ed Young, I was reminded that the big church machine that goes with those big church assets can also create an environment in which it is more difficult to be creative.

As I thought about it, I came to this conclusion: Creativity in a growing organization requires the "Big Mo" (momentum). If you develop an environment of creativity when you are small it can continue to grow with the organization and can utilize the greater resources that come with a larger organizational structure. If you don't have a creative environmant when you are small, it will be very difficult to develop it in a larger organizational structure in spite of the bigger resources.

A small snowball at the top of a steep hill is easy to start rolling. As it rolls it gets bigger and faster. When it stops it is a heavy beast to get rolling again.

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Dan Ohlerking said...

ken - i just started tracking your blog and when i first saw "planting a church in paris" i thought you must be referring to paris, texas or something. but after a little digging around, i'm figuring out that you mean the real thing - pareeeee.

that's terribly exciting to me. i was an mk in brussels for three years a long time ago and i remember walking thru soem tremendously beautiful and historc churches there and i always wondered why no one went to church there. my wife and i were in paris just a few years ago on our way back from africa - taking a couple days for anniversary celebration - and i had the same question. i thought, "what a place to be a pastor - what a challenge - what an opportunity." in a weird sort of way, not having a clue about you, i was praying for you while we were there. i'm excited to know you're doing this and i will certainly be tracking the journey and praying for you along the way.

and you're right about the creativity being best started when you're launching out to begin with. that's our story here at HPC. you're absolutely right. do it now - it only gets better that way.