Monday, June 19, 2006

Family Vacation

Family is the key word here. A couple of years ago with 3 children under 4 years of age I left the family vacation at the beach thinking that this was a vacation for the kids. The parents were just there to baby-sit. Now with 4 kids under 6, I knew it was a vacation for the kids before I ever left home. For mom and dad it is pretty much one week of working over-time in a cool place where you can take a short walk through the sand and take a dip in the big pond ("Atlantic Pond").

I pray that the Lord will use this time away from home to stir my creative juices a little bit. In the middle of the ocean and the wind and the waves I want to experience the Lord in a new way this week. I want to stop and smell the salt air and know the complex and wonderful God spoke it into existence for a purpose I will never understand. I want to know His unknowable love and for all the fullness of God to permeat my heart (Eph 3:19) so that when I speak out of the overflow (Luke 6:45) I will actually have something say.

Lord, speak to me in a fresh new way this week.

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