Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jesus was Cool

I just got an email from Jim Kearns, a church planter friend of mine in Cincinnati. I have included part of his email here:

A youth pastor in our association at a lunceon was talking about Christian Rock and how it was wrong to listen to heavy metal music. I did not hear the whole conversation so I asked what groups he was talking about and they told me Third Day and Casting Crowns.

This got me a bit worked up. Here is my response:
You are the man! Don’t let those guys think that you are going to quit listening to your Casting Crowns “metal.” I want to ask those guys if they have ever read about a revolutionary who questioned the religious leadership of the church, hung out with unchurched sinners and told creative stories so that people who didn’t understand the church lingo might understand what he was getting at; a guy who would make time to hang out at a well so that he could be in a place where regular people regularly go. While the church leadership were waiting for people to clean up their lives, obey all the rules and come to them, this guy took God to the market place (wherever people are). I know that there is a tendency in the church to say we don’t need to be relevant or cool, but Jesus was cool. He was the great physician. He looked for people who needed healing and not only gave them a cure but hope for a better life; life to the full. Jesus cared for people. It was about relationship not rules.

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Dan Ohlerking said...

well-put. culture IS part of the equation.

i like thinking of it this way: the message is sacred, but our methods are not.