Saturday, June 17, 2006

Theater Church & TF1 French Television

I had a great weekend at NCC in DC. I got a chane to meet Mark Batterson and love what they are doing. I really connected with these guys becuase the 'Theater near Metro stations' idea is a great method for Paris. We have been looking at that concept for a while and I really wanted to meet the pros in DC. I heard that they were going to have TF1 French television there so I figured that this would be a good weekend to do a little recon. They had an awesome worship time and service and they have a very cool coffee house, Ebenezers. Mark introduced me to Julie from TF1 as a guy planning to plant a similar church in Paris. She was very interested and interviewed me for the story. How cool. I don't know if any of my interview will make the story but what an awesome God thing if it does. Maybe God will start a little Buzz before we get there. I could never have planned such a God weekend.

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