Saturday, July 22, 2006

Study Abroad in Lebanon? Setting Boundaries

If I can't think of something great to write I can read something great to copy. Enjoy.

Excerpt from:
Raleigh News and Oberserver - Opinion Page
Study abroad - in the peaceful Mideast?
Rick Martinez, Correspondent

OK, I'm a man of the times, so here are my suggested "boundaries" for parents whose children have their hearts set on studying and spending someone else's money overseas. These boundaries -- not all of which apply to Lebanon -- are workable. And once Hezbollah is eradicated, even Lebanon would qualify and return to being a jewel of the Middle East.

Boundary 1 -- Select a country that's not the subject of a State Department travel advisory or considered a terrorist safe haven.
Boundary 2 -- Pick a nation that hasn't banned direct flights to and from the United States.
Boundary 3 -- Avoid any country that refers to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave as the Great Satan.
Boundary 4 -- Choose a country whose leader doesn't wear fatigues to the office.
Boundary 5 -- Don't go to nation where concealed weapons are a must, instead of a privilege.
Boundary 6 -- Avoid countries that don't allow your gender to vote or choose a spouse.
Boundary 7 -- Pick a country with a central government. Warlords don't count.
Boundary 8 -- Make sure any prospective nation has a standing army that's stronger than any rival militia. Better yet, if rival militias exist, pick another country.
Boundary 9 -- Avoid any country that could join the Axis of Evil.
Boundary 10 -- Select a country whose people don't blame all of their problems on George W. Bush. Never mind, that would eliminate the United States.

If none of these fail to rid your children of their desire for a four-year, all- expense-paid, transportation-included, full-ride education in a country that's a future war zone, there's still one more viable option.
Tell your bundles of joy to join the Army. They'll get an education they'll never forget and a free helmet to boot. (full story)

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