Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sticker Picker

Over the past few years we have noticed sticker grass (aka stickers)invading our yard. Toward the end of summer we will hear one of our four children screaming like they have been stung by a bee and then we begin the torture sessions with a pair to tweezer (and sometimes a needle) to remove the remnants of the little devil.

My wife, bless her, loves our kids beyond normal sometimes. She has been out in our 3/4 of an acre backyard picking these evil stickers by hand for many days. Finally, after 10 wagons full of stickers she was satisfied that she had picked most of them and we finally mowed the yard.

The last 2 days we have noticed our 1 year old out in the yard pulling up grass. It is amazing to see how children emulate their parents. When I began to think about it I saw a beautiful illustration here.

When sin enters our lives God is there. When he hears us screaming about the pain the sin causes, he will take us through a sometimes painful process to remove the sin that causes the pain. But he also deeply desires to remove the things in your life that lead to sin before we sin. The things that grow and grow in our lives until one day we will enevitably step into sin. The most beautiful part though is that when we come to God as little children, finding our only real satisfaction in Him like a 1 year old does in his mother, we begin to do the things that God would have us do to clear the junk out of our lives before it lead us to sin.

I learn so much about God through my children. I sure hope that they learn somthing about Him from me.


FeatherIron said...

which is better, Barbarian Way or Blue Like Jazz? Can you tell me about these books?

We have the three books picked for the first semester of the book club (@ HPC-starts but I am prayerfully serching for the ones for the winter semester.

Ken Witcher said...

I suggest Barbarian Way first. Blue Like Jazz will be a better read after you getting through Barbarian Way.

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