Thursday, September 07, 2006

Coffee Shop Reminder

I met a guy working in a coffee shop (not starbucks, he would want you to know) last week. I was the only person in the store so I got to talk to the guy for a while. When he asked what I did I had a chance to tell him about the church we are going to plant in Paris, France. I told him how we were planting a differnet kind of church for a new generation of French people. This church would focus on exciting worship, relevant teaching and building genuine relationships with God and people. As I described our plans he said wow that sounds like a church for me.

As we talked, I found out that he is one of the "de-churched." He grew up baptist and grew disallusioned with the church and its connection to God. He is one of the "I like God but not organized religion type of guys." But he was very interested in a different kind of church. I invited him to visit C3 Church. I told him that he would love and I really believe that. I played him some of their worship cd (from a few years back) and he said "you play that in church?, I gotta check this out."

This is why we do what we do. Many churches have given up on these guys and said that they have made their decision, that they are the unreachables. This could not be more wrong. These people are asking the same questions that we are, they just don't get the answers we give becuase we speak a different language.

Not only do I believe that these people will come to hear, I believe that they will accept Jesus and that their lives will be changed. Best of all these people bring their friends and they have amazing testimonies.

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runner-mom said...

Hey Honey! I'm so glad I am married to you! I am so excited about reaching the world with you! I am a visionary with a heart to reach the world for Christ, I just don't know how to get there...but you do, and I love that! I wouldn't want to be married to anyone else!