Wednesday, September 13, 2006

If it ain't Rainin', It ain't Trainin'

My wife changed her training today. Instead of running 10 miles at 3pm in August heat pushing a double baby jogger, she ran 10 miles in 68 degree rain with 2 kids in the baby jogger wearing ponchos to keep dry. She said the bright orange ponchos were good to help cars see them under the overcast skies.

You go baby!


runner-mom said...

After 8 years of marriage I love the way you depict me. You did forget to mention it was at 7 min./ mile pace. I don't know why in the cold rain I run faster... oh yes I do... I WANT TO GET HOME!! (I am not a marathon runner! I am a miler at heart.):-)

tugboat annie said...

hi Ken, this is Cheryl Nyquist....Paul Nyquist' wife. I am not able to leave a comment on gina's for some reason and my email to her came back.....can you email me at paulandcheryl16@gmail or have her so I can know what email addy to send her my email. thanks a bunch1!