Saturday, September 16, 2006

Using "Church" & "Marketing" Together is Not a Sin.

A few days ago I posted about my wife (I've done that a lot recently) greeting folks at C3 Church during last week's big groundbreaking weekend. She kept coming to me and saying "your not going to believe this but every visitor I meet came without being invited." They saw the balloons or the big tent driving by or read about the event on the website or in the newspaper.

I know there were probably visitors who came because they were invited but the ones she met (and she met a lot of them) did not. They came because they saw something about the church that they wanted to check out. They had an increase last sunday from an average of about 1900 to about 2300. Many of them of them came because of intentional or unintentional "marketing." Last weekend 400 more people than normal heard the gospel message. I will never stop telling people that we will never reach 100% of the people who we don't get to share the message with.

Checkout Dave Ferguason's blog on multi-site churches and attracting the unchurched.

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