Monday, September 18, 2006

A Win is a Win . . . I think.

Aggies 28, Army 24.

Ok. Ok. If we were looking for bcs points, Saturday's win probably didn't do it. But a win is a win, right. What in the world happened? We were favored by 27. Where was the 200yrds passing?

WHY did coach Fran go for it on 4th down on our own 23 yard line with 2:58 left on the clock? WHY? When our 274 pound back got stuck in the back field, we gave the ball to Army and only won the game with a goal line stand interception.

I guess in the end a win is a win. My wife's team, Tennessee lost to a much, much better team. But they still lost. I really wanted Tennessee to win. There was a very real chance of all three Florida teams losing in the same weekend. What a weekend that would have been.

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