Monday, September 11, 2006

Zone Defense

I was reading Practicing Greatness by Reggie McNeal this morning . It was talking about investing in your strengths not your weaknesses. As I was reading I refelected back on this weekend.

My wife and I are so different in everything. Well there is one exception. We both score high "D" (for dominance) on one of those psych tests. In pra-marital counceling our marriage counselor said this could be challenging. That was the understatement of the decade. But as we have grown we have really begun to see how God put us together with someone who has strengths in our areas of weakness.

My wife was so amazing this weekend. I don't mind speaking to large crowds but meeting people I don't know in a crowd one-on-one is like dreaming of going to school in your underwear. I'm not in my zone.

My wife on the other hand loves meeting people and making them feel important. I saw Gina meet every person who walked in the door of C3 Church that looked remotely out of place. She talked to them, made them smile, played with their kids and made them feel at home in a new place. She is so good at it. She just shines. And she can spot a person who might have been missed. She has such a heart to make unpopular, unnoticed people feel special. She hates to see lonely people. It is truly a gift. When she can brighten the day of someone who is sad or lonley, she is in her zone. I am blessed.

In sports a zone defense lets defenders cover opponents in their own area of the field or court. They can focus on the area of the field where they are without chasing oppoents into another teammate's area. They kind of specialize in what they do best. My wife and I cover more territory becuase God has given us different gifts. I could not do it without her.


runner-mom said...

Thanks Babe! :-)

Alie said...

:) this made me smile!