Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Will You be Missed?

I read a great blog from Seth Godwin this morning.

He talks about how we really don't miss the lo-tech brick and mortar businesses that have been replaced by high tech ones that have made things simpler or faster. The old businesses didn't offer anything substantial enough for us to miss them.

In closing he says, "here's the question: When you're gone, will they miss what you do? It's not too late to change the answer..."

Wow, let that hound you for a day!

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WhatIsChazaq? said...

Thoughts like that have been hounding me for MONTHS!

Am I lukewarm? Might I even be "cold" in the eyes of Jesus?

Am I the "Holiest" man my kids and my wife know?

I'm only one generation removed from anonymity!

Charge on soldier...fight the fight well, fight it to the end and NEVER be caught off guard and being lukewarm!