Monday, November 27, 2006

My Wife Rocks . . . Bummer!

If you have been reading my blog long, you know I like to sing the praises of my amazing superstar of a runner wife. She is a former All-American middle distance runner and 2 time national champion in the Steeplechase. That's awesome, but it was also 15 to 20 years ago. She has recently started to run again at age 39 after having 4 kids. She has done awesome winning her age division every time, but she doesn't care about winning her age division.

She has placed 7th, and 2nd overall women in two recent races. These races were in a series of 5 races to get points for an overall prize. She ran one last race last weekend because the points come from the best 3 races. She figured that she could win the series if some of the gals that beat her in the first race didn't show up and she could win first or second.

Well on thanksgiving day we showed up and, sure enough, several of the girls who beat her before were there. But, this time she beat them and won the race. She is my hero!

Here is the bummer part; we found out that you have to run 3 races to qualify, but they take the top 4 race scores. Bye-bye $300. Maybe next time.

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