Sunday, December 10, 2006

But Wait . . . That's Not All

I know it sounds like an infomercial but. . .

After I get back to the church the cell phone rings . . . Caller ID says it's Gina. For a moment I consider not answering it. I could not imagine that it is good news.

She tells me that our 4 year old wet the bed, during his nap. On the hotel bed. Been a while since he did that. Then she says, "gotta go, Phelicia is throwing up again."

So I go by Wally World to get some Pink liquid chalk and tums. I get back and they are hurling again. I tell Gina that I will take the 2 that aren't sick back to church with me just to keep away from the sick ones. Of course, with no nursery they dicide to play tag in the worship center while I am speaking. Gina calls after the service to say the sick kids have both continued their vomiting and I finally head home by way of Wally World to get some pedialyte.

Hope we have a better day tomorrow.

By the way props to Pastor Tom and Celebration Church of Wilkesboro, NC. They really took great care of us and have made us feel like a part of their church and their lives. Blessing Bro.

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