Monday, December 04, 2006

Ethos Conference in NYC

I am a little slow in getting around to blogging on this, but I had an awesome time at the Ethos Conference in New York City last week.

Here are some thoughts that stood out to me:

We need to be able to lead without worry about others getting the credit. 1Chron 11:4-...Joab leads the charge on the city; David names the city and lives in the palace.

We need more inovators in our churches. Even fast growing successful churches are built primarily on "early adopters" and "early majorities" Erwin said that movements are never fueled by the majority.

Mosaic uses creative names for everything. The paid staff all have superhero names. There teams are called tribes. The staff positions are creative names like navigator instead of executiove pastors. Erwin said, they don't care if the church people know what they do and the don't want the non-church people to know what they do.

No one is particularly interested in your spiritual well-being if you are not interested in it yourself.

Most ministry leaders who fall morally had an accountability group. We learn to lie.

Bible knowledge does not change your life. Stalin memorized the book of Matthew.

Knowledge with out application leads to liberalism.
Experiencials always need to create a new experieince.
Liturgicals get deep from religious rituals. Jesus did not die to create ritual.
Mystics live in relationship to invisible realities. Erwin consideres himself a mystic. He said that if you think his books are mystical you should try reading the Bible.

Ambition and Humility are not opposites. We don't have to say selfless love but we do have to say selfless ambition.

Don't let arrogance feign as ambition or apathy feign as love.

Character is usually defined as stopping doing things that are counter to God but long term character is built by replacing something with something.

If we eliminate one passion without replacing it with a new one we will return to the old one.

The Bible is all about freedom.

People have not stopped listening. They have stopped listening to people who have nothing to say that matters to them.

Three intinsic cravings that all Humans have:
1. Intimacy
2. Meaning - We need for things to have meaning. Words in a foreign language have no meaning to us. Sometimes we givine meaning to meaningless things and sometimes we make meaningful things meaningless.
3. Destiny - when you no longer believe that tomorrow can be better than today, you move to dispair. Every great story or film connects us with a love that leads us to a better future.

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