Sunday, December 10, 2006

Never a Dull Moment - Why My Wife is My Hero

I am amazed that I have a moment to blog.

Yesterday began our 'Christmas Vacation' adventure with packing to leave for Texas. It started by us speeding to Raleigh for Gina to run a road race (5K Jingle bell run for arthritis). Don't ask me why I let Gina talk me into this the day we were leaving... but she won again and won a gift card for athletic gear at a local athletic store! She even got a red "Hero" hat becuase she has struggled with some arthritis herself.

Anyway we then went back home to finish packing to leave no later than 2pm. As usual 2 and 1/2 hours later than planned, we left -5:30pm. After turning around 3 times to get something we forgot at home, we arrived in Wilkesboro at 9:30. Pastor Tom Bartlett came by the Hotel shortly after we arrived to make sure everything was okay. We were having a great talk in the lobby when Gina came down for a few minutes to get the keys to get something out of the car. She left the kids in the room watching a movie thinking they would be okay... big mistake. Calean started crying, so Levi thinking he was helping left the room to find mom or dad. When he left, his other siblings escaped not seeing where Levi went because he ran down the stairwell. Then Caelan's cry turned into a scream along with his other two siblings who wandered up and down the hallway crying and screaming waking all the guests up. Gina finally went back up,and found the chaos apologizing to all the guests and hoping noone would call social services. In the mean time remember Levi, well the stairway only led outside, so we found him when a security guard brought him back in from the parking lot.

Crazy Hunh? It gets better.

The next morning the pastor picks me us at 7am so that I can go to the early service and leave Gina with a car... and we left her with a map. I had a great time sharing about our our recent trip to France and the way God is working to prepare the way for us to plant a church. After the first service Gina calls on my cell phone. She has had a rough morning not able to find clothes and shoes, having to use hotel shampoo on the kids and buring all their eyes, and then getting lost becuase she couldn't figure out the directions that the pastor made for her (they made perfect sence to me). We finally got her there and she hands off the baby whom she later said had thrown up this morning (part of that rough morning thing). We figured he just had something bad to eat so we put him in the nursury. We shared about Team France again in the second service. It was great. We really got to give the people a feel for what we are doing.

Then we went to lunch with several families (difficult enough with 4 kids). I am talking about our ministry to some potential interns and a young French lady who recently moved here. Gina is busy taking kids to that toilet, so when she gets back and I tell her that Caelan smelled a bit ripe she says go ahead and take care of it. Being the knight in shining armour that I thought I was being, I took him to the car and whoa what a mess. He had diarrhea on himself and his cloths from top to bottom. I carefully cleaned him up standing outside in the parking lot. Then since all of our baggage was at the hotel, I got lucky finding a stray shirt in the car and a pair of his brother's swim trunks thrown in at the last minute. I am really proud of myself for suffering for my wife. I walk back in and set him down with her and told her I would be back after I threw some things away. Before I could take a step Caelan threw up all over himself his chair and the floor. Gina took him to one bathroom while I headed for the other to get wet paper towels to clean the mess. We basically didn't get to eat. So we said "see ya tonight" to everyone and left with our untouched doggy bags.

We finally get back to the hotel. Rest at last. As Gina is about to walk in the door with the kids Phelicia decided to throw up her lunch in the well landscaped flower bed beside the door. Sorry Hampton Inn. So after 3 trips to get stuff out of the car everyone is almost asleep. Now I have to get ready to go back up to the church.

Pray for us. We could us it this trip.

Also, you now know that my wife is my hero for more than just her running.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is crazy! I'm praying for you and Gina and the kids.