Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blogging Church Planters

I am amazed at how powerful blogging has become. Did the creators of the blog have any idea? I have been connected to so many people through blogging.

I have met awesome pastors I through reading their blogs. I have had pastors from awesome churches contact me from reading my blog. I have met random people form across the country. I even met a Christian man because he googled my superstar wife after she won a 10 mile road race and found my blog and realized that we had a similar ministry heart. How cool is that?

Church planters are probably the biggest group of bloggers out there, and there is a lot to learn from these guys. I met with a church planter named Tadd Grandstaff yesterday. I actually saw his link on another blog I read and thought the name looked familiar. It was only later that I discovered that he was in a youth group that I interned for in my seminary days. I never talked to him until we ran into each other at the Ethos conference in NY a couple of months ago.

Anyway we spent the morning talking about church planting and the process to prepare and raise the financial support so crucial to getting off the ground. He had some good words since he has been doing it so recently. Look forward to seeing Pine Ridge Church launch this fall in the Greensboro/Burlington, NC area. He has a great team getting ready to take off. You can check him out on his blog.

Blog on!

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