Friday, January 26, 2007

Building Partners

We are currenltly in the process of developing partnerships that will help us plant a church in Paris (France, not Texas). It has not been an easy process but I have learned a lot.

While we would liked to have been fully supported and on the feild this last fall, God had other plans. The reality is that we are not fully funded yet. The lesson is that "God's timing is the right timing." We have met so many people who will make us better and our ministry more effective that we would never have met if we had left for the field in October.

I have been emailing with a guy named Kevin Mayer the last couple of days. He will be taking a team to Paris to try to reach French people through the arts. He is a great guy and I can already see how we might work together.

I met him through Neil Nakamoto from Mosaic Church. I met Neil at the Ethos conference in New York. I went to Ethos after an invitation from Steve Sacone at Mosaic, who I was referred to by Erwin McManus, who I was referred to by Naeem Fazal and Mosaic Church in Charlotte. I met Naeem becuase of his relationship to the Association of Related Churches and I got connected with the ARC becuase of my brother-in-law Matt Fry pastor of C3church.

Amazing ins't it? And that is just one branch of this tree. God's ways are higher than our ways.

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