Monday, January 29, 2007

Human Needs at Any Size

I have interacted quite a bit in the big vs small church debate that is going on (and probably always will). I think that there are many reasons that people prefer one over the other and all are pretty valid.

I read a blog by Craig Groeshel this morning on the subject. He points out that the main reasons most people like like small churches is the same as the main reason people leave larges churches. I would add that the inverse is also true. They are the same reasons that some large churches seem to really continue to grow.

The reasons?

People want to feel needed.

People want to feel known.

I really like churches that are really growing. That is not necessarily true of all large churches. Many large churches experienced their growing seasons years ago and have been in plateau or decline for a while. On the other hand, really growing churches don't stay small for long. In fact, they usually get big in a hurry. There is something electric about being around a church (or any organization for that matter) that is really accomplishing its goals (new life in Christ). We are more motivated to bring our lost friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers when we see that lost people are getting it and accepting it when they come.

BUT, if they come to a point where they don't feel needed or known, they will go elsewhere. I have seen it happen many times in growing churches.

The bottom line is: We must grow smaller while growing bigger. Translation, we must find ways to create small group environments, within large churches, where people are known and needed.

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Anonymous said...

Good point. "We must grow smaller while growing bigger." Maybe this should be one of our values.