Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm Back . . . Christmas Vacation Part III

I have been gone from the blogosphere for a while. I have been really sick for the last month. I have felt better the last few days than I have for about the last month.

I wanted to quickly finish telling you about the insanity that was the Witcher Family Christmas Vacation. Taking up from my last post . . .

The next morning we headed out toward Nashville. We were going the back way through the mountains with our mapquest directions. Big mistake. I did not think it was possible, but there was a turn I needed to make that was not in the mapquest instructions. So we got to go sceneic route that added about 2 hours to a 6 hour trip. And of course we probably added at least one more hour to take care Gina and Phelicia being sick.

The next day we made the long trek from Nashville to Dallas. Of course, it was Levi's and my turn to get sick. To make matters worse, we packed for the 50 degree weather we read about on and not the 70 and 80 degree weather we experienced the entire trip. Of course by december our freon had all leaked out of our car so we had no A/C.

Finally, at my dad's ranch, Levi was playing with "Whiskey the cow dog" and got bit in the stomach and in the face landing us in the ER to get some glue-stiching for a nasty cut on his face (see before and after pictures above).

Also, after arriving in Texas we all began to get colds. That is not that serious at home, but in a strage place with six people all in the same room waking up 5-10 times a night to comfort a sick child it has it's downside. After about 4 days with my family in Texas we decided to cancel the rest of the trip and go home. We just needed to get home and get rested and heal.

The trip home was not too eventful except the wonderful hotel we stayed in just east of Nashville. I should have know something was wrong when I noticed the "absolutly no refunds" highlighted in yellow on the contract, but I was tired and not thinking. The room had not been painted since the 70's and we are not really sure what was meant by "non-smoking room". I guess they let people smoke in that room in the 70's and the smell was still in the 30 year old carpet and paint. I thought it was interesting that the comment card did not have a signature for who had cleaned our room. And I loved the complimentary ketchup packets of shampoo in the rooms (they must have saved a bundle on those things).

We had a family member (who shall remain nameless) who read my last blog say that it sounded like a plea for sympathy. It really isn't. We were exhausted and tired but this trip was so nuts that we actually found almost everything pretty humorous.

We usually watch the Christmas classic, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation every year but we didn't get to this year. God allowed us to live it!

I hope your Christmas holiday was as merry.

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