Sunday, January 14, 2007

You Gotta Tell Your Story

Tonight, I talked to friend and minsitry partner who lives across the country. It was good to catch up and update him on our minsitry. One of the main reasons I called him, though, was to pick his brain a little bit about ideas for raising financially support. He is a successful busniess man so I value his input as a christian supporter, but I also value his creative ideas as a business man. We talked about some different ideas and he said that he will do some more thinking after our conversation.

The most important thing that I left the conversation with was that he wants to hear more from us. He said he loves to read our newsletters and talk to us but he would love to hear more often (monthly or more). He also related a story of a ministry that really did not keep him up to date. This is not the first time individuals or churches have told me that someone they supported did not keep them up to date.

I believe that most Christians (and non-Christians for that matter) give to something. As faith based ministries, we must show people why their giving to our ministry is a good investment. That is done by sharing vision and then telling stories. This ministry started in March of 2005 even though we have not actually moved to France. We already have great stories to tell. I believe our church planting project in France is a fantastic investment in Great Commision work. We have to learn to share our story better and more often.

BTW - There is a great article coming out about France and our ministry. It is due to be released on Avant's web site in the next week or two and in print sometime in February in the Avant Magazine. It's a compelling story for investing in our church planting ministry in Paris. I will link to the article when it comes out.

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