Monday, February 05, 2007

Elevation Church

I took a road trip with the Pine Ridge Church launch team to go down to Charlotte and check out Elevation Church and Pastor Steven Furtick. They are an awesome church that is averaging over 1100 in less than a year. They celebrate their 1 year anniversery next week and had 1250 in attendnace yesterday. Furtick is a great communicator. Yesterday was a vision sermon and it was great to hear what drives them. It was awesome to see the passion to get into the community with projects like Habitat for Humanity. They have a plan where each of their small groups will be volunteering in projects like this once a quarter.

We talked to a lot of the staff. They do a great job bring the weekend together. They are there at 5am to get it started. We talked to Steven after the service and were really impressed. He gave us a lot of time and was really interested in what we were doing. He had some great advice and even made it real be committing to pay a months rent for the Pine Ridge Church.

My favorite thing this weekend was the ear plug machine in the lobby. He said they get at least one comment each weekend about tunring the sound down. So, they put a maching in the lobby containing the little soft spongy ear plugs and a sign saying something like "hearing protection is provided by Elevation Church as a courtesy to you because we're not turning it down."

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