Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hero gets 2nd : (

Gina got 2nd overall female in her latest 5k race this past weekend. In the picture she is the one in white. The girl behind her ended up winning :(. Gina did great for a 39 year old, but she doesn't care about age groups. Overall is all that counts. In reality Gina had a great 5k considering that she is training a lot on the track for the 1500.

The other great thing was that our France team was here this weekend for a retreat and they all got to come out and watch Gina race. It was great for them to experience something that is so important to Gina.

The team had a great time reconnecting and working on things like team values and team branding. We are working on a new website, but for now you can at least look at our team blog for more information at

Also, if you haven't already, check out the stories on our France and our support raising experiences on the Avant Website.

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