Friday, February 02, 2007

The Network with the Fewest Dropped Calls

I'm talking about the 'God network'. I know it sounds cheesy but I have found that when I network with other people and pastors it always pays off.

Right now the most important job I have is raising financial support to fund our ministry. So when I meet new people or pastors (I know, pastors are people too) or visit new churches, I can't help but think that maybe this will be the conduit that God will use to sell some cows to fund our ministry.

But I have learned to to meet with anyone and everyone, even with no real thought of how they might support us financially. I have gone to churches where I prayed on the way "God I don't see how this church would help us financially but I know I should be here today, so Lord, do something crazy that I could not have expected."

I talked to Kevin Mayer on the phone for about an hour last night. I mentioned how I met him through God's Network in a previous post. Kevin and his wife Pat are planning go to Paris this fall to do ministry with the arts. I believe that utilizing the arts will be crucial in the French culture, but I am planting a church without a bunch of artists on my team. Enter Kevin and Pat. The two of them combine their skills and education in film production, fine arts, graphic design, play-writing and more. They have no specific plans for how to filter people from their ministry into a church. Hey, I have and idea, maybe God is leading us to partner in some way. We really had a great conversation and our souls resonate with many of the same passions. They will be coming to visit us all the way from Iowa in 2 weeks (I'm sure the other folks they are visitnig in the Raleigh have nothing to do with their trip).

It is great how God leads us to network with others for reasons that we may not even realize for a while.

I have met a lot of awesome pastors. I hope to meet many more. I learn so much from these guys. I have recently been reading both Chazown and Confessions of a Pastor by Craig Groeschel. Wow! This guy is amazing and has inspired me through his honest and direct talk about life in ministry. He is genuine. The real deal. And he has a lot of kids. If any of you know him, hook a brother up. I would love to meet this guy.

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