Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Revolution Must Take Place

I had a chance to hear Erwin McManus speak at a S. Baptist Church Growth conference today in Raleigh. I am always so inspired when I hear him speak. I though I would share some notes that I took:

-He had no idea how you could access a Bible before he met Christ.

-Is church a place to entertain and placate Christians or to engage the world?

-All of the problems that he had with people when the church was going through transition were people who didn’t bring anybody with them.

-You don’t have to program a value.

-The church isn’t here for us. We are the church and we are here for the world.

-Fellowship in most churches is like walking in on two people making out. It’s intimate, but somehow you fell like you shouldn’t be there.

-We often think that people are closed to Jesus when they really just don’t understand what we are saying.

-We are prophets of the unknown God.

-Our job is not to feed the sheep but to make them hungry so they can feed themselves.

-Most Christians are Bulimic.

-We have to tell people that we are a church because they won’t see it from the way we live. He said that he doesn’t have to say “hi, I am Erwin the human.”

-Some things are worth doing even if you fail. Sometimes you might be the inspiration someone else needs to succeed.

-We are the proof of God.

-People have not stopped coming to church because they don’t want to hear the truth. They have stopped coming because they don’t think that we are telling the truth.

-We have lost our ability to communicate effectively to an unbelieving world.

-Whoever asks the questions leads the conversation.

-People are open to God, they just aren’t open to being preached at.

-Perseverance is always necessary as it relates to your character but not necessarily as it relates to your task.

-Theological education often leads to liberalism because it ultimately takes us away from the heart of God.

-He did and awesome little game where he said to yell out Christian or Seeker as the target of scripture when he reads it. He mentioned the “Peter, feed my sheep passage.” Almost everybody in the room said Christian (for the record I said “seeker” - really). He then pointed out that Peter went to minister to the lost not the Christians. If Jesus expected him to minister to Christians then he totally went against Jesus’ command. He Then he said the word “discipleship” and the audience was split. He pointed out that the nations, whom we were commanded to make disciples of in the great commission, were not already Christian.

In a church planters Q&A after he spoke at the conference he talked very honestly about the difficult time he has had over the past 2 years. He talked about the enormous negative and false things that are said about him on the internet even including physical threats. After he son began to see more of the things being said about his dad his son told him “the revolution must take place.”

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tony sheng said...

very cool - thanks for posting the notes.
i heard erwin speak the day before you did in Orlando. it was incredibly inspiring, as every time i've heard him.