Monday, February 26, 2007

Soul Cravings

After several trips to France, I began to notice something about French people. In spite of their Frenchness they seem to share some universal needs with other westerners. As I shared some of these thoughts with pastors I used words like meaning, purpose, relationship and hope. I am so convinced that these intrinsic needs are crucial to reaching the emerging generation in France. I began to develop a vision based filling these needs.

At the Ethos Conference in New York City at the end of November, I listened to Erwin McManus share the background to his new new book Soul Cravings. He said he believed that there were 3 soul cravings in every human. We all have a need for Intimacy, Relationship, and Destiny. I was blown away. He described exactly what I had discovered in my survey trips in France. He is smarter than me though, so it sounded better when he said it.

I have been reading the book and it is fantastic. These three soul cravings must serve as a starting point to reach people. Intimacy, Meaning and Destiny are woven throughout every great piece of literature or movie. Even the best marketing includes these cravings in order to truly resonate with people. The church must also speak to these same soul cravings if it wishes to see God fill the longings that He created.

Maybe I should just adopt Erwin's language. Why recreate the wheel.

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