Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Soul Violence

Discussing the idea of Soul Cravings over lunch at CIU last week, another young missionary brought up the idea of Soul Violence. It really resonated with me as I am wading through the idea of the universal needs of the soul. I am not even sure that I can really unpack it all right now, but I really think there is something powerful in the words Soul Violence.

I know that we are born into sin. It is unavoidable. But there are many people out there who are not only separated from God but they cannot conceive that the Christian god can fill any the needs of their souls.

A friend who served 10 years ministering in France and North Africa, said that a suitcase full of Bibles smuggled into Morocco would be gone in two hours. But distributing them in "open" France might take two years. We often talk about countries in the Muslim world as closed access countries because there is no access for them to obtain a Bible. But what do you call a country where culture has made the Bible so irrelevant that even though it is legal to own, only 5% of the population own a Bible (yes, only 5% of French people own a Bible).

What has happened to their soul? I am still thinking through this and will write more on the topic, but I would love your thoughts.

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