Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Power of Respect

Check out this story about Youth Violence in Paris.

Clashes erupt at Paris' Gare du Nord

These youth are angry and refuse to respect the authorities. Why does anyone refuse respect to authorities? Because they feel they're being dissed and ignored. They are saying you can't control me. Do you suppose they looted the stores because they were hungry or needed clothes? They are trying to get attention.

When we were on the streets in Paris this past October, we would start conversations with young people and tell them that we wanted to start a new church for their generation, speaking their language and talking about the issues they are dealing with. Everyone we talked to said they would like to come to our church. Why do you think they were so responsive? We let them know that their generation was important with all its uniquenesses. We told them that the church needed something new, for them. I think all they really heard was that we weren't trying to change them into their image of church people.

We can reach these people. Jesus primary ministry was to those who felt disenfranchised. We will show them a relationship (us with them and them with others and them with God), we will show them hope for the future, and we will show them their significance in life. Without Christ these things are meaningless. With Christ there is new life.

Would you join us?

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