Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rob Ketterling and RVC

While I was in Minneapolis, I had the opportunity to visit River Valley Church, pastored by Rob Ketterling. Wow! What an awesome church. They hit the ball out of the park this morning.

They have awesome facilities and great volunteers. I just felt really welcome this morning. Their worship was fantastic. They had a big worship team /choir on stage. Not the old school style. It was an awesome fit. If you had your eyes open, you just couldn't help but see passionate heartfelt worship on the faces of every person on stage. You just can't script that stuff. And Rob had a great message about about sharing our faith from Col 4:2-6. I have read it many times but never really realized how clearly is talks about living out our faith. Check out the podcast for Bumper Stickers Part 4.

I got to spend a little more time talking to him over lunch. Home run on lunch at Enjoy, Rob. RVC has a great missions heart. Rob, personally just got back this week from a trip to Africa. He and his wife went to France last year and he has really developed a love for Paris. They will be partnering with us to start a new church there. How awesome to have churches like RVC on the team.

If you are ever in the twin cities you got to check them out.

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