Monday, March 05, 2007

All Roads Lead to Paris

People often ask us why we are planting a new church in Paris. There is this idea that France is already a Christian country, and even if it is not, who cares.

Well, first of all, God cares! Second, it seems that the rest of the world cares about what is going on in France.

A public opinion poll across 23 countries finds that in 20, a majority (17) or a plurality (3) of citizens think it would be mainly positive for Europe to become more influential than the US in world affairs. Currently, Europe is seen as having a mainly positive influence in the world in 22 countries. Among specific major countries, the one most widely viewed as having a positive influence is France—viewed positively in 20 countries. The countries most widely viewed as having a negative influence are the US (viewed negatively in 15 countries) and Russia (14 countries). (read more)

Wow! I guess all roads really do lead to Paris. The truth is that France is a secular nation with about 1/2 of one percent of the population being evangelical Christian. But most people have never heard the message of Jesus in language that they can understand. If we can communicate the unchanging message of Christ in a relevant way and distance ourselves from the idea of the institutional church, I believe that we will see a new movement of faith in France. And if a movement of Faith begins in France the world will take notice.

Join us.

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