Monday, April 30, 2007

Driscoll Vs Hybels

That title should bring some traffic to my sight. In fact I have been getting a huge number of people coming to my blog by searching on Driscoll and Hybels due to the fact that I took notes on all the sessions at the Exponential Conference (NNCC).

It is just not that big a deal. Driscoll had spoke via video to the large group session and in his typical fashion did a sarcastic yet humorous call to mentoring men in the church. It was humorous. Most people were laughing.

Hybels, considered the father or church planting by many, followed the Driscoll video and said, according to my notes, "there are women in this world and many of them are used by God in church building. Just to set the record straight." This also got applause from the crowd.

In the end Mark Driscoll has planted a great church based on his sense of what is important to reach his audience and his concerns of needs in the church. That is a good thing. We do need to do a better job of bringing men to a greater level of discipleship in the church.

On the other hand his video was very biased toward men, so I am not surprised or shocked at Hybels response. God is using women in the exercise of church building in many ways. Their were a fair number of women in the crowd of about 1000 that day. Hybels wanted to affirm them. That is a good thing too. Hybels has planted a great church too.

Both of these men are reaching people for Christ. They are different but on the same team. It was a good day.

One more thing. They were supposed to hand out the Driscoll video DVD to all attendees and they didn't for some reason. I found out about this through Mark Drisoll's blog you can read his comment and watch the video here.

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Life Point Blog said...

Let me set the record straight about this once and for all. I was a volunteer at the conference and worked with Scott from Acts 29 all week on the logistics of handling the video out. We also had 1800 Acts 29 brochures that did not arrive in time to be put in the bags at the beginning of the conference. As the conference was winding down we made a decision to hand the videos and brochures out via tables and volunteers at the 3 main doors and not each door to the sanctuary. We just did not have the people to do this nor was it feasible due to exit strategy. In no way, and I know first hand as I was in on the conversation, was their EVER any discussion by anyone associated with the conference that I know of NOT to hand out the video due to Bill Hybels remarks. What was quoted above IS THE QUOTE he said. You will be able to see for yourself when the main session videos are available on the conference website.
These rumors about the video being pulled from being given out are just NOT true. I know first hand what happened and now the record should be straight.