Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter with the Kids

Well yesterday I took the day off for Good Friday to spend time with the family. I still wonder about the term "good" every time I hear "good Friday."

Anyway we watched the Jesus Film to get everyone in the spirit. Well, the kids only made it about half way through. Maybe we can catch the last half on easter afternoon. After playing ball with the boys we got the family together and loaded them into the car to take mommy to the urgent care for her sinus infection. After having to wait a while, she was telling me she really felt better. Good thing I made her stay. The doc said she also had a serious case of bronchitis that would have been pneumonia in a week.

Then we took the family to Oh Charlie's for dinner. Did you know kids under 10 eat free? I know they question that policy after families like ours leave. But we will be back.

This morning we got together with all the cousins at grandma and papa's house to search for easter eggs. I actually had to go back show the kids where I hid a lot of them. I guess I took things a little too seriously.

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