Friday, April 27, 2007

NNCC - Bill Hybels - Plenary Session

Bill Hybles

He came up after they showed the Mark Driscoll video. The first thing that Bill said was "there are women in this world and many of them are used by God in church building. Just to set the record straight."

He tells his story about how he gave up his privileges in a multi-million dollar family business with stock options company cars and corp jets to go on an adventure to be totally sold out to creating an Acts 2 community. His father actually had him sign legal documents giving up any claim on the family business, if he was really committed to something else. He said that is wasn't a bad thing as much as a commitment thing.

Counsel to people who want to plant an Acts 2 church (not exhaustive):

Know the difference between a hankering and a holy discontent. When God stirs so profoundly in your inner person that if you didn’t do what God is calling you to do you feel like you would implode.

Who has what gifts? Are you working in the area of your giftedness?
Bill's gifts are 1. Leadership, 2 Evangelism, 3. Teaching. Tell the truth about your own gifts and the gifts of others on the team. Rank is important. He sees his leadership role as more important than his teaching roles at Willow and therefore does not speak as many weekends as most pastors b/c it is not his highest gifting.

We walk by faith and not by sight. If you walk by sight you will lose heart. A CP will face a ridiculous number of unsolvable problems.

Figure out early on if you are going to take the high road or the low road. Do everything straight and honorably. The world is watching and there are lots of ministry leaders that have had public failures.

Ask God to let you finish with a few of the people with whom you started.

Most great works of God can be traced back to a defining moment in time. Write it down. Where were you? Could something that was said at this conference been that time. Do we need to say yes to something that God is nudging us about during this conference.

You were meant for open sea Kingdom living not hanging out in the calm waters.

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