Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NNCC - Dave Ferguson - Plenary Session

Fibonacho discovered that if you put 2 rabbits in a cage and the reproduced every month then there would be 30000 rabbits in 2 years. He threw out the roman numerals and came up with the numbers we know today b/c the RN were just to hard to work with.

How does the church do math for growth?
  • We are seeing many churches figuring out how to start new campuses. Church planting networks are emerging.
  • We have networks like Leadership Network and WCA that are highlighting those that are really reproducing.
We need churches that are reproducing on every level.

Rapid Reproduction
Acts 1:8
  • It starts when we dream big.
    • Real life and real ministry tend to decrease the size of our dreams
    • It is a tragedy to have a dream tucked away
    • They have a saying in there small groups, “treat them like they a Xians until they know that they are not.”
  • Big dreams change things
    • The bigger the dream the more profound the questions you are going to ask.
    • Big dreams will change your prayers
    • Big dreams change others
Start Small 2 tim 2:2
1. Start with Leaders –
  • Direct correlation between success and a Leaders prayer life especially those who spent 90 min a day
  • Goal for reproduction is also a factor
  • Reproduce small groups first
  • Every small group has an apprentice
  • Focus on the 2 smallest units
2. Artists – we need to reproduce artists to facilitate large group
  • they started a school for the arts

How do you know when you have found rapid reproduction?
  1. Seek the lost more than the found
  2. you begin to love the edge more than the center.
  3. prefer the going more than the staying

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