Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NNCC - Ed Stetzer – Plenary Session 2

Move beyond addition by being missional
We have to see believers multiplied
Make sure the centrality of what we do is built around the cross.

Acts 17 Come over to Macedonia and help us.

1. Come over - the NT is about a God who sends – even Paul struggles with direction, but he keeps going. Don’t plant a church with a vision for the church; only plant a church with a vision for the people.
    • Into your community not into someone else’s.
    • To may planters are in love with someone else’s community.
    • Don’t bring a model bring a plan.
    • Bring Christ not just a church
2. Help
    • Make sure that people know it is all about Jesus
    • 2 cor 5:11-20 - persuade
    • Jesus Compels us
    • He has committed to us the message
    • Francis Dubose, “God Who Sends” book written before missional was popular
    • Help gets dirty, sympathy alone does not give a way out.
    • Be. Do. Tell.
    • How do we express a loss of confidence in the gospel
    • When we focus on personal transform not gospel transform
    • When sermons are so practical they lack any gospel
    • When we talk about practical more than we talk about biblical
    • When your outreach demeans others that preach the gospel.
    • When your approach makes you the hero and not Jesus
    • When personal evangelism is an oxy moron
    • When invest and invite never leads to conversion
    • ??
    • When the cross gets less focus than your church
    • When not offending seekers is more important than the gospel
    • Relevance is a tool that helps seeker understant the gospel
3. Us
    • Missional has to be tied to seek and save the lost
    • Lost people matter to God – have you fallen deeply in love for the lost in your community. Ask God to break your heart for your community.

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