Friday, April 27, 2007

NNCC - Mark Driscoll - Plenary Session - via video

Mark Driscoll
What makes the difference in successful Church Planting.
  1. Man
    1. Called
    2. Strong
    3. Competent
    4. Theological
    5. Clear message
    6. Clear mission
  2. Mission - to get the men
    1. Paul warns about getting sidetracked by civilian affairs.
    2. Has to gather the right men to learn both doctrine and practice
    3. They have to be able inspire and disciple men especially young men
    4. You have to get men to win the war
    5. The men want to know how to be a man
  3. Message
    1. Jesus leaving his kingdom and entering in to the earth to die a death we deserve and rose victorious in three days.
    2. CP's will only succeed to the extent that they proclaim this message.
    3. The message is really what it is all about and it is what will reach the men.

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Life Point Blog said...

Great Notes. Were you at the Bloggers Round Table Lunch? I will add your blog to master list from round table. Also we are compiling a Master Set of Notes for everyone, hoping to get all the sesions or at least most. I would like to use yours if possible.
Thanks man
Henry Judy