Saturday, April 28, 2007

NNCC - Origins - Ministry Toolbox

It has been an awesome week at the Exponential (NNCC) Conference. I learned a lot, was challenged and inspired, and maybe most important of all I developed new relationships.

After an insane 9 hour drive, I arrived home about midnight Thursday night. Then I had just a day and a half with the family and doing errands and preparing for the Origins Conference next week. It’s just not enough time. So hard to leave my beautiful wife and my 4 amazing kids. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often.

I love hitting a few of the best conferences each year. I just don’t know how you can succeed in church planting with out it. I think that God designed us to learn from others. That is why God called the church to be a body of individual parts interconnected to other parts to complete His mission. While you don’t have to arrive in a church planting situation with all the answers, I am so convinced that you need a toolbox full of tools. Going to conferences and hearing from other’s experiences of success and failure allow my to put tools in my toolbox that I can use later when we begin to connect to the culture in the community God has called us to.

Now I am in the O’Hare airport on my way to Los Angeles for the Mosaic Origins and Ethos conference. I am looking forward to adding more tools from guys like Erwin McManus and some of their International Mosaic Alliance pastors.

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Gina Witcher / Runnermom4 said...

Hey Daddy & love of my life!! We love you, and even though we miss you, we are so excited for the things you are learning and the relationships you are building for the purpose of reaching the lost.
Go God Go!!