Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NNCC - Shawn Lovejoy - Pre-Launch Breakout

Amos 3:7
Senior pastor should be a prophet.
Prophets get their vision from God.
Many Church Planters are CPpansies rather than CP Prophets. They are too soft and don’t protect the vision of the church.

What does it look like to be God’s man for God’s church
  • Prophets get their vision/message from God. Not from other churches or websites or blogs.
    • Everyone who comes after the pastor knows the vision. They don't create it or vote on it.
  • Prophets communicate the vision
    • God is looking for pastors who will stand up and say “thus sayeth the lord. Here is what God told me and here is where we are going."
    • Vision is just as much of a felt need as anything else.
    • Vision leaks – it needs to come out of everything that you do.
    • They choose to be clear over cool in vision
    • God’s vision though a prophet always comes under attack. No prophet in the bible had 100% support even Jesus.
  • Prophets protect the vision – don’t worry too much about being nice when it comes to the vision. Most all churches begin with a great vision but they don’t always cross the finish line with this vision.
    • When it comes to raising people into leadership the most dangerous people are former pastors, semiarians and people who taught ss in another church b/c they have another idea of what church looks like.
  • Protect the vision by-
    • Confronting people – Matt 18
      • Gal 6 one person can spread problems like yeast.
      • They fire 10% of the small group leaders every year. They often fire people for not supporting the vision
      • Confront -
        • Consumer Christians – Illus baby birds with mouths open one day mama bird kicks em out the nest and says your gonna fly or die. They must learn to get out the nest and learn to feed themselves.
        • Spiritual mavericks
        • People trying to hijack the mission – the worst people are the ones on board 99%
    • By saying no –
    • By giving people permission to leave. Don’t try to get them to stay. Don’t try to close the back door. Sounds arrogant but a pastor must have a thick skin and a soft heart.
  • Prophets don’t care what people think about them. Live your life for an audience of one.

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