Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NNCC - Wayne Cordeiro - Pre-Launch Breakout

He showed graph where the church mostly helps the unchurched and helps the Christians less. He showed an opposing graph of how the church ought each Christians to help themselves.

Managing discontent
He used a bar Graph
Erosion of privilege (first bar on graph)
  • true test of a servant is how you respond when someone treats you like one.
  • Are you still enjoying the privilege of the call or are you bitter? If you lose a sense of privilege then you start to fail but if you still see it as calling you will plant roots deeper when difficult things happen.
  • When privilege erodes discontent (second bar on graph) increases to a point that you hit a line of tolerance when you will start to look at other options in order to decrease the discontent.. you may bail or complain or go back to old bad habits. You must deal with it.
  • Nobody can put discontent into you. There may be instigators but You are the only one who is in control of your content or discontent. If this were not true Jesus would have blamed others, but he didn't. He said father forgive them. Use discontent to make you bitter or better.
  • God will never take you through time of discontent where he will not give you something of equal or greater value in return. Whether it is real discontent or just perceived you don’t know the difference at first. It has the same results. But through the word of God you are able to discern between the joints and marrow, soul and spirit.
Joy factor (third bar on graph)
  • the greater the level of discontent your joy decreases. You have to guard your joy. Consider it all joy when you … so that you might be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.
  • Sometimes you push discontent underground. When you do that it will breed more discontent. It breeds something called “offense” even offense toward ministry.
  • 1 Cor 10:10 let us not complain. It opens a door for the evil one. Moves to immoral living.
  • Psalm 51:9-10 a pray for periods of discontetnt.
  • Satan can’t steal your ministry or marriage, but he will steal the joy out of it and you will destroy those things yourself.
Resolution (4th bar on graph)–
  • must have the word of God. Helps you determine between perceived and real discontent.
  • Prayer give impetus. Get going, today. Leaders, you must infuse yourself with the word or God and prayer. He called deacons so that the Word and prayer would not be overlooked or set aside.
  • Appealing to those in authority. Give someone permission to speak into your life. Samuel was that for Saul, when saul said he had done the will of the lord and Samuel said then what is the bleating of sheep that I hear/ someone you can appeal to if you are in trouble legally – board members senior staff. Do not be an independent church without a covering.

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