Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NNCC - Wayne Cordero - Plenary Session 1

Wayne Cordero –Pastor/Church Planter from Hawaii. 11000 member church planted in 1995 and this church has already planted several churches throughout the world.

Everyone here is destined for greatness but not for largeness.

Image is huge. The world is crying for genuine people. If they don’t find it in the church what hope does the world have.

An oak roletop desk made of press board with a oak veneer s worthless. It would have to be oak to the core to have any value.

You are going to reproduce what you are. Tomorrow’s church will become what we are today.
We are the last chapter. God asked us to run anchor.

Acts 1:8
We must be genuine.

If elephant walked by on the beach in front of you but left human foot prints what would yo make if that? It must really be a human dressed up in an elephant suit. If a horse . . . and left human foot prints, then it too must have been a human in a horse suit. If you want to leave Jesus footprints what do you need to do.

When you begin your ministry you won’t have the wisdom. You have to garner it along the way.

2 ways to gain wisdom
1. From personal experience
2. From other people’s personal experience

We must have wisdom to give us genuine authenticity and ears to hear god.

God gives us 66 books that we can learn from. He will breath into us the same wisdom he gave to David, Moses, Abigail, Esther, Ruth, etc.

The Bible is best church planters book.

You need Biblical wisdom to develop a root system to bring good fruit.
Some big redwood trees fell because of the foot traffic over the root system. Now many of these trees have enclosures to keep the foot traffic off of the root system. We need enclosures around our root system.

Daily time in gods word – Practice scales (like for a great musician) for a leader.
This is where the holy spirit will mentor you.
Luke 10 – don’t get so bother and distract in ministry that you don’t listen to Jesus words.
You have to choose it. No one will discipline you to do it if you don’t.
There are certain things that you can’t learn from a book or class or seminary. You have to learn it from the master.

The church of the 21st cent has to have the voice of Christ coming through.
Don’t just give the Bible to others. Take it in yourself and then give it away.

5 Things to Bring with you to a Time in God's Word Each Day
  1. find a place and bring the Bible not the other books
  2. bring a pen – mark up the bible – what is holy is what you get off the page and into your heart.
  3. reading program – to get you through the Bible systematically. The minor prophets are the loneliest people in the bible.
  4. bring a journal – people have to learn to feed themselves - SOAP - Write Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer (you can even title the journal entry) write down an ongoing table of contents. 95 % of his sermons come out of this
  5. Daily planner – if something comes into you mind jot it down so that it does not distract you during the rest of your quite time.
Read 20 min, journal 20 (and in groups share 20) He mentors 82 leaders each week in this way.

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