Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Power of the Blog

The church really can an should redeem technology. I often read Seth Godin's blog and books that talk about the power of the blog. It's true. The internet and blogging open up to us an unlimited audience.

Recently, I have seen the power of the blog like never before. The worship pastor at my church Jordan Leino and his wife Patience had a new baby about 6 weeks ago. A very sick baby. Baby Isaac needed heart surgery in the first week of his life and has had many more complications. Jordan and Patience have been blogging about their first baby since she was pregnant. In the last week the situation has become very serious and Isaac remains in critical condition. While many of us would have forgotten the computer during this time in lieu of being with our baby and sleeping, they continue to take the time to update their blog with his condition. Somehow they knew the payoff in prayer for their baby was worth it.

Seven days ago they wrote a blog entitled "Critical! Urgent Need for Prayer!" Since that day they have been on a roller coaster of good news bad news. Emotionally exhausted. But their baby is surrounded by so much prayer. In those last 7 days they have had 592 comments and prayers on their blog from all over the country and world. Many of these blogs are people saying that they are praying and their whole church is praying. Many are people who heard about baby Isaac from others. You have to actually read them to see how powerful this is. The readers on their own decided to make today a day of fasting for baby Isaac.

I have never seen as much prayer for healing for any child. And God used the blog to accomplish this. I don't know what God will do with baby Isaac. I still pray that he will heal him. I do know that the whole world seems to be watching. However the testimony works out it will be told literally around the world.

Please pray for Baby Isaac. Read his blog at babyleino.blogspot.com.

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