Monday, April 16, 2007

Preaching Surprise

I wore slacks and a jacket yesterday. It was a little bit old-school, but I didn't wear a tie. I was fill-in preaching for my father-in-law. He called me Wednesday around noon and I had to get my sermon title and outline to the church by first thing Thursday morning. (Note to self: next time use a sermon you've preached before on short notice).

So I sent in an outline for "Living a Full Life" by embracing uncertainty,and danger, and taking risks. You know the one from 1 Sam 14 where Jonathan takes his armor bearer and 1 sword and picks a fight with the Philistines and ultimately gets everyone to follow him.

Surprise! Only about 20 people showed up (maybe due to the weather) and most of them were Seniors (I don't mean in High School). I even used an illustration from the Tim McGraw song "Live like You Were Dying" about skydiving and bull riding. God must have needed a laugh yesterday.

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