Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Birth of Catalyst France

Three years ago Gina and I joined a mission organization and began to prepare to plant a church in Paris, France. Over the past year or so, however, God has begun to move in our hearts to do more that just plant a church. We began to talk about planting a church that would be a catalyst in France for a larger church movement.

This month Gina and I made the decision to step down from our missions organization and become more closely aligned with like-minded church partners. This led to the formation of Catalyst France (website is under construction). Watch for more details to appear on the site in the coming days.

Our vision is to see France impacted with the gospel through the multiplication of high-impact churches where French people have an opportunity to hear the gospel clearly communicated in a culturally relevant way, see it lived out in the lives of transformed believers, and to experience lasting life-change through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

While change always comes with its share of uncertainty, God has given a tremendous peace about this decision. Monday we emailed this news out to our prayer team. Since that time we have already had new people come to us asking how they can support our ministry and one couple who said that they are seriously praying about joining us in Paris.

We're really excited about what God is doing. We are still working out the administrative details of Catalyst France, but we hope to have everything setup for tax-deductible contributions in the next week or so.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can be involved in planting a church in Paris or would like to give financially to this ministry please contact us at

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