Thursday, May 10, 2007

Craig Groeschel -Postal Pastors

Craig Groeschel has some great posts on 'Postal Pastors'. In part 3 he is talking about getting defensice when others attack or criticize you. Though the post was aimed a bit more toward negative blogs I think this is good advice for responding to negative criticism from any arena. (full post)

As Christian leaders, we should work not to be angry or defensive. (Yes we should be angry about injustices, poverty, spiritual apathy, heresy, etc…) But we shouldn’t spit venom back every time someone says something bad about us.

  • Don’t always feel compelled to defend yourself. God is your defender.
  • Don’t waste your time reading other people’s opinions about you. They don’t know you. God knows your heart. That’s all you need.
  • Thank God when you are persecuted.
  • Spend your energy doing ministry in Jesus’ name instead of swirling over something you can’t control or change.
  • Don’t BLAST everyone when you’re ticked. (Yes, I’m talking to some of you who are my close friends. :) ) When you rant and rave because one person said something bad about you or your church, you look foolish and insecure. You’re allowing those people who support and love you to watch you scream over one person. Grow up.
  • There are way too many “jerks for Jesus.” You don’t have to be one of them.


eDOT said...

I sure like the look of your blog.
The internet is certainly a great
to have a great witness to many.

If you're interested, I've posted
some blog links (including yours -
hope that's alright) of others who
are doing the same...

Professor Howdy said...

I think it's great when people
use the internet in an evangelistic
way like you're doing.

That's what I'm trying to do
also with my blog. I try not
to look religious and my
hook is humor and yet
controversial issues are
also discussed. As long
as it's evangelical with
a Biblical Worldview
and interesting, I try
to include it.

Please pray for us -
we're often under
attack and have
been for our entire
10 year existence.

Thanks again for
what you're doing...

Your Internet Friend,
Professor Howdy