Thursday, May 31, 2007

International Blog

My wife and I have been noticing an increasing number of international reader on our blogs. So how do you build an international readership for your blog?

It was never our goal, but here is how we did it:
-Drop your career plans.
-Begin raising financial support in a weak currency to live in an international city with a very high cost of living.
-Talk about how you want to change people's cynical view of Jesus and church and give them a new sense of purpose and destiny.

My wife and I are so passionate about the vision God has given us for France and we are talking more and more about that passion on our blogs. Close to half of our blog visitors come from the international community. Lately, the number of French readers has really gone up. We did not plan for our blogs to be read by French (yet), but it is exciting to see that the word is getting out. We love French people and see so much opportunity to change the negative view they have of the church.

au revoir

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