Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mosaic Origins - Eric Bryant - Session 7

Water – love is the context of all mission (Core Value)
  • We have to overcome Christian stereotype to become missional.
  • Acts 2:47 - They were enjoying the favor of all people. They were seen as a sect or Cult.
  • If we would have experienced the upper room at Pentecost would we have gone out from that room.
  • We expect people to go through a lot of effort to go though the motions of doing what we do for nothing of real value. Like beating a pinata full of worthless candy.
  • We need to be intentional about developing relationships with lost people in our community.
  • There so many lonely people who just need friends.
  • 1 cor 6: 7 Why not be wronged or cheated. Why not just forgive. Make things right rather than be right. Are we willing to be wrong and be cheated with those around us.
  • We live in a world who does not like the truth. A few weeks ago their we three believers killed by Muslim extremists posing as seekers in Turkey. Top government officials said “what do you expect, this is a Muslim nation. The wife of one of the believer's killed forgave the killers on Turkish television. She did what 1000 missionaries could not have done in that country.
  • Matt 4:19 come follow me and I will . . . answer your prayers? fulfill all of your needs? No, He said I will make you fishers of men.
  • He are called to a life of sacrifice to help others. The hobbit inspired us to work togther for a greater cause when Hobist and humans and dwarves came together. The cause of Christ is a much great cause than this.
  • The civil war did not start over slavery but over power. As the war raged on the north began to see those former slaves fighting beside them and began to read “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Then it became about slavery as they began to care about those people. The church is like the North who do not care about the lost people in slavery. We need to learn to care about these people that are so unlike us who are trapped in slavery.

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