Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mosaic Origins - Erwin McManus Session 1

The Origins Conference began this morning in Pasadean, CA. These guys are just over the top i their creativity. I strongly encourage you to follow their vodcasts. But you really have to see their creativity live to get the freedom to dream things you never dreamed the church could be.

Anyway hear are some random quotes (b/c Erwin and Mosaic do not have organization in their DNA)

People follow you and then begin to follow Christ.

Acts 17
Origin is about reaching Dionysius and Damaris.
Stop worrying what the Peter’s and Martha’s say. How can we engage Mars Hill? We all want Pentecost but we really need to learn how to reach those at Mars Hill.

Peter was a better communicator than Paul. Paul only had 2 converts, Peter had 3000.
How many would find more pleasure reaching 1 Dionysius than 3000 Joshua’s?
Paul has to figure out how to jump into a world that does not understand Christ because he cares about those people. He was burdened for the city of idols.

Their response was “ what is this babbler trying to say?” They asked him to come unwrap what he is saying to them a little bit more.

It is about retranslating and learning how to connect. Learning how to speak the soul of a language. People don’t just hear the words we speak they hear a subtext.

Paul is probably saying “everything I have done in the past is not going to work here” He looked around to find something to use to translate. Then he found the unknown god and said I know him. I am not bringing god to you but telling you about the god who is already there.
We often say I am taking God to some place. But, if God is not already there he is not God.
All of human history is a complex way of human relationships so that people may come to God. He designed the exact time and place for everyone to live so that they might know God.

How do we create the kind of churches where people like Dionysius and Damaris say. “oh I get it.”

1 Thes 1:2 – model church
Your faith in God has become known everywhere. They were not just claiming God but living there lives in such a way that Christ was living though them.

Paul never gives us a model just an Ethos or faith, voice of hope, and love. We need to learn how to live by faith, be known by love, and be thought of for hope.

He alludes to the community of Faith Hope and love in acts 2. Together, everything in common, enjoying the favor of all the people.

4:32 - all believers were one in heart and mind.
The power of this movement was that they were unified in their values.
You can believe in things without caring about them but you can’t care about things without believing in them. Essence and values are those things that unite us in heart and mind. They are crucial.

Erwin was told by elders years ago that he wasn’t leading and didn’t have faith. He knew that he was leading just enough to keep them growing but wasn't really taking a risk; at the level for which he was called.

We are going to be a proof that God can be trusted and risk everything. A lot of us have taken a salary and undersold our souls. What would it look like to live by faith and love and became a voice of hope? The church became a place where people came because there was hope here. That is a great adventure.

We need to create a church where when people walk away from the church they say “I am tired of a life of faith and love an hope.”

Are you living a life of faith, where if God doesn't come though you will fail?

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